Music of the Spheres
GRAND OPENING Friday 29th April 2.30pm

So many things to do!  Ride a horse around this wonderful sim,  expertly created by Corkie Houston.  
So many hills and hidden valleys, one of which holds the Meditation Area.  Ride a technicolour
exhilerating comet anywhere you choose, or float around on an iridescent bubble.  After all that why
not relax with a cool drink at the Beach, then sail around this lovely island in a butterfly drawn boat.  
A great Drum Circle for dancing too.  If all this wasn't enough go and see the Celestial Symphony in
its own beautiful cove by the sea.  This is an incredible and unique work by Karalia Halostar where
you can literally play the music of the planets in any combinations you desire!  Nothing like this has
been seen before so don't miss it.  Then there are 9 planets to experience plus The Sun and The
Moon.More about them after these photos: they are only a glimpse of part of what is in store, each
planet has other places to see.
The Moon, Saturn, Uranus & Pluto by Karalia Halostar
The Sun & Jupiter by Greville Oh (who also did Publicity)
Mercury by Joshbear Sojourner (who also did Vendors)
Venus by Shay Sunnyside (who also organised all performances)
Earth by Lorant Criss
Mars by Jean Shadowcry
Neptune & the sim floor by Corkie Houston


Saturday 30th April 2.00pm!  
Astoria Luminos is our great DJ!  Can't wait for the costumes!
Take the teleport to all the planets and collect some free gifts too.
Take part in a Tournament on Mars with free scripted weapons!
(contact Jean Shadowcry to take part)
Visit the amazing Art Gallery on Mercury.
Step into the unknown on Uranus then take a swim.
Wrap up warmly for desolate Pluto.
Take the time (literally) to explore Saturn.  
Earth & Venus are each so romantic and utterly beautiful.
The depths of Neptune are a mer delight.
Reflect on the Moon and believe me you will...
The Sun is huge and blazing with a fascinating GLBT Astrology Gallery - each star in
every zodiac constellation is a famous GLBT face, click on them for all their biographies.  
There are loads of Events planned for the week: masses of live music, parties galore.  
These will be displayed on the sim and posted out in notices in groups where I can post
them:Chiaroscuro, Chiaroscuro Royal, Gay Fairies, Metatheria, Metatheria Royal,
Farhaven, Urban Elves and Grid Wide Gay Events.  
Last year's Fae & Elven Pride was better than any festival I had been to before on
Secondlife and this year's Fantasy Pride has exceeded all our expectations and is ever
Debut of "Whinge & Pluckett" musical drag act at the "Cirque de So Gay" Nightclub on
Jupiter.  Karalia Halostar and me, Greville Oh.
Karalia is a wonderful musician
You can see our act on You Tube: