Fri 19 Sept  1.00pm  -  Sun 28 Sept
Fantasy Gay Pride will be opened by the celebrated poet and
novelist Wolfgang Glinka (Colin Bell in real life) at 1.30pm slt.
For tolerance & acceptance of all sexualities and genders
worldwide.  We are feeling in a very mischievous mood this year.
Frolicking with Gay Abandon!  

Thanks to great efforts by Corkie Houston and Blackdog
Ashbourne, the Pride sim is already nearly ready!  You can see
Aznana Shieldmaiden's Entertainments area with the huge
Arabian Tent for Ali Baba and Karalia's Halostar amazing new
castle standing tall and *cough erect in the sunset!  Shay
Sunnyside & Donn Canis's Goldifrocks & The Three Bares Forest
and my Autumn Forest glade where the second Fairy Show will be
performed "The Fascination ofCemanos".  Hakuin Clarity is doing a
sickly sweet BDSM Forest and Qrystver Khandr (Q) is doing
"Phalice in Wonderland" up above in his
Moon.  What you cannot see is Corkie's huge undersea merscape
which is already looking splendid!  

There's live music, dances galore, an Amazing sim wide Hunt with
loads of lovely gifts, an Asstastic Gallery with 5000 L$ prize
for the winner, a Miss Fantasy Gay Pride Show with special guests
Whinge &Pluckett  -  there's a fabulous Catwalk for this event
together withextensive Dressing Rooms with free gowns. shoes,
hair, eyelashes and make-up!  You can dress up there to your
heart's content!

Pop in every day of the Festival  - always something fun to enjoy!