Every year a small group of creators get together to create a week long celebration of
everything GLBT.  Our aim is to promote acceptance of all positive sexual orientations and
of all genders.  All sexualities are very welcome to our festival to raise awareness of these
issues worldwide - all on a unique, one time only island, created for this event.

Find your inner Fae!  A fantastic and intriguing land with creations and magic never seen
before from our very talented fantasy and fae designers. The creators have chosen their
favourite Fairy Tales - everything from Jack and the Bean Stalk, Hansel & Gretel and the
Little Mermaid to Grimm's darker stories and tales from the Far East. Whinge & Pluckett are
doing a completely new show this year, a universal story called "The Fairy Who Loses His
Wings". Come and immerse yourselves in legend and wonder, ancient Archetypes we all hold
deep in our psyches...the curious, the strange..the challenging...Our fae nature resonates to
these strong and subtle primal earth energies.  These ancient powers.

Creators this year are: Corkie Houston, Dalimar Blackheart, Greville Oh, Karalia Halostar,
Qrystver Khandr & Shay Sunnyside
Blackdog Ashbourne  -  Technical Consultant
Chief Goffer. Publicity & Performer/Singer in Whinge & Pluckett - Greville Oh
Musician Extraordinaire in Whinge & Pluckett- Karalia Halostar
Performances Organisers - Shay Sunnyside & Aznana Shieldmaiden
Our phenomenal DJs are: Astoria Luminos - Smokin'Hot Elven DJ,
Lysana McMillan our Sounds Siren,
Starhawk Starostin - The Music Master
and Shay Sunnyside - Fae DJ of Farhaven.  
Special Sponsors include:
Teddy Toocool of Gay Events Grid Wide,
Blackdog Ashbourne of the IImmortals RP System and the Empower Magick Spells HUD.
Jariah Yuhara of Mocap Animations

Chiaroscuro Guardians will be Greeters as well as Security for this wonderful week.
We fight for global GLBT rights - there are still countries where gays are attacked and
tortured and being gay is punishable by imprisonment or death.  But we are glad the
movement for marriage equality is growing and going from strength to strength, as more
and more countries embrace and champion it.  We will get there, GLBT people will be
accepted everywhere - we will demand it as a fundamental human right and have a great
deal of fun doing it!

Karalia Halostar & Greville Oh in "THE FAIRY WHO LOSES HIS WINGS"
RUMPLESTILTSKIN IN AUTUMN by Hakuin Clarity   +   IRISH MYTH by Greville Oh
CASTLE ENTRANCE by Karalia Halostar  +  HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN by Corkie Houston