The Seven Continents
of the World
Fri 13th-Sat 21st April

We changed our name to Fantasy Gay Pride to make our purpose
abundantly clear.  A very small group of creators and friends make
this celebration happen every year.  It is not done to make a profit, it is
built to raise awareness and promote acceptance of GLBT rights,
issues and culture worldwide.  We hope everyone will have a fabulous
This is the fight for everyone's sexuality to be freely expressed, be they
gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.  There is great joy over the huge
strides that have been made for Gay Rights, but a great deal of horror
and sadness too,not only at the pain and torture of the past but also of
the suffering still going on today for GLBT peope who are persecuted
and hated.  We continue to raise awareness, to celebrate all kinds of
same sex relationships and have a damn good time doing it too!
There is a good Press Book available packed with potent images and
information.  If you want a copy please IM Greville Oh in world.

Our Creators this year are:
Corkie Houston - Africa,
Dalimar Blackheart - Asia,
Greville Oh - Australia,
Karalia Halostar - The Polar Regions, & North America.  
Qrystver Khandr - Venice, Europe and
Shay Sunnyside - South America.
Blackdog Ashbourne is our vital Technical Consultant and our
wonderful DJs are Shay Sunnyside, Astoria Luminos & Lysana McMillan.
Here are some sneak peak photos to whet your appetite...