Homes on Chiaroscuro and Magick
We are forested, mature, Gay Elven sims full of wonder - a friendly and tolerant community
where all are welcome and a great place to live.  Slowly special forests and/or wild flowers
are being added to our homes and they are looking very good!  Rarely do
properties become vacant, but there are one or two more in the pipeline, prims permitting.



These are Gothic, Medieval, Vampire & Faerytale
Each has specific sounds and special effects all controlled by
whoever is living there, each on their own floating island.
For example you can change tree textures, particles, falling
leaves or flying bats and special sounds unique to each castle.
All the rooms are very spacious, with a lovely balcony on the
first floor from which to survey the garden.  

Mini Castle Faery Tale
A magical castle with decoration inspired by Art Nouveau.  
You can change the grass as well as the trees and turn the
delightful bird song on and off.  At the moment I have chosen
warm mauve trees with some delightful fantasy grass in
shades of deep blue, violet and green.  See the gorgeous floor
tiles and jewel like stained glass windows.

Mini Castle Medieval
Imposing, inspired by English castles of the Middle Ages.
ornate fortified stonework, crenelations and craftsman made
windows with tiny panes and carved mullions.  Medieval
ancient halls with heavy dark wood floors and a crested stone
balcony to keep an eye out for invaders.  Features falling
leaves, random windchime, day/night birdsong, butterflies and
ambient sound.  All being interactive.

Mini Castle Gothic
A splendid castle with gorgeous purple leaded light windows,
dark stone floors, desolate wind, falling leaves, an unkindness
of ravens and ambient sounds  -  all interactive.

Mini Castle Vampire
A perfect dark home with new hand made textures.  The
spacious rooms are decorated in a rich ruby, if you like
elegantly dark you will LOVE this. A majestic atmosphere,
gorgeous drapes and a beautifully gargoyled balcony from
which to view the dark garden.  Features falling leaves,
desolate wind, flying bats and delicious ambient sound.

NB: All Mini Castles are 3000L$ per month with 100 prims

If you would like a different style of home please contact
Greville Oh - rental will be dependent on prims.
Please contact Greville Oh to be invited into the Chiaroscuro
Royal Group when you rent these homes.
New low prim and LOW RENT Floating Island homes with
their own forest and cave on Chiaroscuro 1250L$ monthly
with 25 prims AND 1000L$ on Magick with 25 prims.
- see Chiaroscuro Starter Homes page.