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The Prince of Chiaroscuro has a Partner
His name is Hakuin Clarity and he is everything I could have
dreamed of!  Warm, funny, sexy, very clever, creative with
great taste...did I mention hot?  Yes, I am totally biased!
We partnered on 26 August 2012 and had our Pagan Wedding
on 1st December of the same year. I am deeply honoured and
very happy.  

*             *             *
Fantasy Pride 2012 is called FANTASY GAY PRIDE to
eradicate once and for all any confusion.  

Watch two films of the great event here:

The line up of creators for 2012 were:

Corkie Houston,
Dalimar Blackheart,
Greville Oh,  
Karalia Halostar,
Qrystver Khandr (hurrah!)
(he had been away a long time and we miss him)
and Shay Sunnyside

We hope to do Fantasy Gay Pride 2013 in September
when the theme will be legends and fairy tales.  
Our pagan wedding was all about chakra energies, set on an
iridescent opal octagonal platform with seven rotating
crystals, we arrived by giant swan. I sang two songs: "I Can Be
Your Hero" and "The First Time I Loved Forever" from the
television series "Beauty & the Beast".   Each chakra crystal
emitted a ray of coloured energy which met in the centre
overhead and then formed a rainbow spiral radiating up...
There followed a Chakra Colours party where shay Sunnyside
played all songs that Hakuin and I loved the best.  
The whole Wedding set was designed, built and scripted by the
extremely talented Karalia Halostar, who also plays many
instruments for me t sing with in real life and transposes songs
to my baritone key!  
Big News! Karalia Halostar has taken over Metatheria!
We now have to call him "Her Royal Highness".  Giggles.
You can see all his incredible builds and creations and the sim
will be dynamic and move with the changing seasons. There is
also a great Lava Lounge for those of a darker persuasion to
hang out and party.  At the first one I tore down the cliffs
between Chiaroscuro and Metatheria so now we look like
three sims in one, but each still has its own unique character.
Karalia has also made a wonderful Arboretum full of his large
range of trees, it is well worth a visit.  It is wonderful to see
Metatheria from Chiaroscuro and vice versa!  

*                    *                    *  
Very Sad News
My dear friend Farley Crabfrass. who owns Farhaven and who real
life niece, Shay Sunnyside - our Goddess of Music, has sadly
passed away on 23rd December 2012.  He has always been a huge
supporter of Chiaroscuro, giving me lots of very valuable advice
especially in the early days when I was totally green.  He was a
great friend of mine with a huge heart and a wonderful personality
and many people with have a big hole in their lives without him.  
Please send your healing wishes to Shay and also to Pheonix
Bright - a lovely lady who was Farley's partner for many years.
What can I say: he died far too young and I still cannot believe it
has happened.

*                      *                    *