About Us

Chiaroscuro was born on Christmas morning 2008 and placed on the Southern shore of
Metatheria, a lovely mature Elven & Fae sim I had always loved.

I wanted to create a sim for Gay - GLBT  Elven and Fae of all kinds to enjoy.  
Chiaroscuro is an artistic term meaning the interplay of dark and light, which was perfect
as both dark and light are very welcome here.
Our Homestead sim, Magick, was added some time later
and is a peaceful and beautiful place to roam.
Three years from the birth of Chiaroscuro, we now have a thriving community of gay fae
of all kinds living and working here.  

Having very little building ability, no experience and advice from dear friends, I threw
caution to the winds and went ahead, nothing was planned, everything was intuitive and I
scoured Secondlife for the nicest landscape items to place.  I still do this to this day.  So
Chiaroscuro was created from the energy of a great and lasting love.  In honour of the
Dark Prince Kerrin Campbell.  This love always returns, the energy of it swirling around
the trees like mist in dark shadows.  The atmosphere remains.  

Important People on Chiaroscuro

Without their tremendous help and support
Chiaroscuro would suffer greatly.  
A huge thank you to you all!

Dark Prince of Chiaroscuro  -  Greville Oh
Blackdog Ashbourne
Gandor Luminos
Karalia Halostar
Qrystver Khandr
Ricardito Castaignede

High Lord Ambassadors &
Estate Managers:
Qrystver Khandr
darkdream Viper
Hakuin Clarity

Healer & Pagan Priest  -  Archmage Kondor

Guardians  -  Archmage Kondor
Blackdog Ashbourne
Chitose Kenin
DeliciousDemon Chemistry
Elavil Barrowstone
Gandor Luminos
Greville Oh
Karyan Gaea
Krysteen Macarthur
Lavenderelf Sorbet
P3t3 Feller
Qrystver Khandr
Shamus Carter
XxdarkskyxX Appletor

Our Fabulous DJs:
Shay Sunnyside  -  Music Goddess
Lysana McMillan -  Sounds Siren
Astoria Luminos  -  SmokinHot Elven DJ

All these people contribute a great deal to our wonderful Gay Fae Community
and I thank them very much.
The Chiaroscuro Story