Fantasy Pride 2011

We are looking forward to Fantasy Pride 2011 so much!  

Nine planets and the Sun and Moon!  Lovely poster here designed by Shay Synnyside.
A 64 page Book about Fantasy Pride is available free by clicking on the posters in
Chiaroscuro Market and members of many Fae and Gay Groups will also receive one.  

The festival started last year.  A group of us decided to create Fae & Elven Pride for
Spring 2010, the first Elven Pride in the world as far as I know.  To celebrate Gay,
Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ideals and sexuality.  A group of superbly talented
creators got together and worked incredibly hard.  I was their chief goffer and publicity
person.  I am happy to say it was a great success and there are two films of it on You
Tube if you would like to see, beautifully shot by Serina Juran:

NB: More and more news will be added to the News page as soon as we have it as the
momentum builds towards Fantasy Pride

     Corkie Houston              Joshbear Sojourner            Karalia

Lorant Criss                   Shay Sunnyside.            Blackdog Ashbourne

        Greville Oh                    Jean Shadowcry                 

Daffyd Llewelyn  -  Designer of custom Eternal Flame

Blackdog Ashbourne - Consultant Expert
Shay Sunnyside - Performers and Music
Joshbear Sojourner - Shops & Vendors
Corkie Houyston - Sim Landscaping
Greville Oh - Publicity & Sim Landscaping

We also decided upon the theme "Music of the Spheres".
I am no expert but what we are creating is based on the work of Kepler about the nature of
the universe:
"The Pythagoreans used music to heal the body and to elevate the soul, yet they believed
that earthly music was no more than a faint echo of the universal 'harmony of the
spheres'. In ancient cosmology, the planetary spheres ascended from Earth to Heaven
like the rungs of a ladder. Each sphere was said to correspond to a different note of a
grand musical scale. The particular tones emitted by the planets depended upon the ratios
of their respective orbits, just as the tone of a lyre-string depended upon its length.
Another type of celestial scale related the planetary tones to their apparent rates of
rotation around the Earth."
"Plato, Pliny, Cicero and Ptolemy are amongst the philosophers of the ancient world who
contemplated the music of the spheres."

I have found P D Ouspensky invaluable in understanding this.
Everything in the universe vibrates.  Along a line of increasing vibrations, each time the
rate of vibration doubles, the intervals between each doubling vary.  In fact in eight of
these, there are two places where the rate of doubling is held back, one near the
beginning and one almost at the end.  So we have our octave of 8 unequal steps.  The
seven tone scale in a formula of cosmic law which was worked out by ancient schools and
applied to music.

To cut a long story short, each planet has its own note.  
Do, re, mi, fa, so , la, ti, do.
Saturn is 4/5  -  a major third
Jupiter is 5/6  -  a minor third
Mars is 2/3 -  a diapente
Earth is 15/16 -  a semitone
Venus is 24/25  -  a diesis
Mercury is 5/12  -  diapason plus minor third

The Sun is C.   Mercury is D (slightly flat).   
Venus is A (slightly sharp)  Earth is C sharp (slightly flat)
Mars is D exactly.  Jupiter is F sharp exactly.
Saturn is D (slightly sharp).  Uranus is G sharp exactly.
Neptune is A (slightly flat). Pluto is also D (slightly flat).

There will be the sim floor itself with a very special dance area, a special interactive
music piece where everyone can hear and play the music of all the planets, all set in  
beautiful scenery designed for all fae creatures, especially large dragons to enjoy and
innovative shops with brand new work for sale.And this is only the beginning!
Visit all the planets in the sky: each one created by different designers. reflecting the
unique ethos and "feel" of each sphere.  Exquisite custom one-off freebies to collect on
each orb of our universe.Masses of events from Arts and Poetry to live music
performances to themed parties in many extraordinary places.  
Swordfighting on the planet Mars!    Fashion Shows too!  Captivating Art Gallery.
See Fantasy Pride Page Two for more info & film!
Greville Oh
Fae & Elven Pride 2010
For 2011 the name has changed to Fantasy Pride.