Covenant of
Chiaroscuro & Magick

A Mature GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) friendly Elven sim.  We welcome
all races, species and orientations and fully accept all kinds of adult relationships.  
Nudity is permitted.  This means we have wonderful freedoms here which need to be
cherished and protected.  Disrespectful behaviour because of these preferences is
unacceptable.  These lands are for adults only, if you cannot accept another's sexual
orientation or real life or second life relationship, please leave.  

No slave play on the open sim, limit this to dark areas such as the Underworld, the
Dark Prince Caves and private homes please.  Relevent clothing and collars and
Master/Slave Titles are permitted as is open chat.  

To further respect others, no politics, no religion - except mystical law and ritual
practices.  Clothing is always optional.  Yes!  You can take all your clothes off here!
Damage enabled, warfare is not welcome, no technology based transportation, no
technology based weapons, semi-roleplay active.

In the same way as our neighbouring sim, Metatheria, we also have a
mystery/fantasy/ethereal/ligjht/dark theme and we ask that those who stay for an
extended time aodpt a mystical persona.  

Have fun!

Any problems please contact Greville Oh