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Dragon Tours!  12 places to visit!  Come and explore!
A creative community of wonderful friendly people.
Welcome to all races, sexual orientations and species.  
We cherish our freedoms.  Ruled by Dark Prince Greville Oh
Photo of and by Ricardito Castaignede  -  Regent of Chiaroscuro

Our frequent and themed parties are fabulous fun: everything from "Forest
Creatures" to "Alice in Wonderland" and "Dark Fae" to "Halloween Mer".  We hope to
restart Wolfgang Glinka's wonderful Poetry Gathering once a month soon, watch
this space.   Two very different sims to explore:  Chiaroscuro, dark and bright
forrested sim and Magick with its sweeping hills and hidden dells.  
Best viewed at sunset but the choice is yours.
Horseback tours in both lands.  
12 places to visit everywhere and above the clouds:
Fire & Ice, Dark Prince Caves, College & Grand Ballroom,
Asha's Healing & Meditation,
Lair of the Blue Fairy, Underworld, Healing House, Pagan Party Area, Mer, Drum
Circle, Dark Mausoleum and Undersea Globe.  Chiaroscuro and Magick are
protected by our Guardians supported by Blackdog Ashbourne's wonderful spells
HUD: Empower Magick. Without his help griefers would have ruined these lovely
lands.  See
Chiaroscuro Empower Magick page with links to his website.

Wolfgang Glinka
Poet in Residence
at Chiaroscuro
Now a published novelist too!
Wolfgang Glinka held regular Poetry Gatherings every Tuesday on Chiaroscuro at
1.00pm slt at The Mushroom Circle.  You could read your own poetry or read someone
else's, or just come and listen.  Everyone was very welcome.  These poetry readings
were very enjoyable and we are so honoured to have Wolfgang here!   Then a terrible
thing happened  -  his first novel "Summer of Love" by Colin Bell was published!  Now
he is too busy for Poetry Gatherings as he has to work on his second book.  
Congratulations Wolfie!  But we miss you!  Ssssh I hear Poetry Gatherings are


After a career making Aets Progammes as Producer/Director and Executive Producer
for British, American, Japanese and broadcasters, the writer known as
"WolfieWolfgang" (in Second Life a wolf poet aka Wolfgang Glinka or a dull human aka
Wolfgang Bravitz), gave up television to concentrate on writing,  He has published
three children's stories, film reviews, as well as poetry in The Blotter, Shot Glass
Journal and the Fib Review in the United States as well as articles on music and opera.  
His flash fiction has been performed by White Rabbit Theatre and he is a writers'
Village BestWriters Award Winner, with a novel and a half behind him, he writes poetry,
flash fiction and short stories.  He lives in Lewis, East Sussex.  England. and also
writes a daily blog and other reviews as wolfiewolfgang on his website: